Sunday, July 26, 2009

My jet set life?

Last weekend, my husband and I went to the Vancouver No Doubt concert. We see a fair amount of concerts, it's one of our favourite things to do. It's usually pretty expensive since we have the cost of ferry, hotel and food. We almost always take an extra day and drive across the border so that Joe can get his US fix (he's American, I'm Canadian) so that also adds to the expense.

Anyways, I was telling my work friends that before the concert we met Gavin Rossdale. Well, Joe did, I looked at him and ran away since I'm shy about things like that. My friends were all squealy and asked if he's as hot as he is in pictures. When I said yes (although he always looks like he needs to wash his hair to me),  they both said that they're totally jealous of my jet-setting, famous people meeting, multiple yearly vacations kind of life. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. They both know that I would give this life up in a heartbeat if I could have the life they do. I don't know why people keep insisting that our life is great with nothing to tie us down and total freedom to do the things we want. I'm 30 fricking years old, I've been living the life of freedom for like 11 years. It gets old. Sure it's fun sometimes, but it's also empty. Still just the two of us. Will it always be just the two of us?

I'm depressing myself. I do that a lot. I'll post concert videos to cheer myself up.

No Doubt finale of Stand and Deliver (Adam and the Ants) with Bedouin Soundclash and Paramore:

2006 Pearl Jam at the Gorge in George, Washington. It's the most amazing venue ever. I took this pic:

2 back to back shows. 118 degrees at 11pm. It was insane. We got to hear Dirty Frank though, the first time it had been played since 1994. I heart PJ so much.